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InstaRelief Massage Gun- 32 Levels of Intense Muscle Relief

InstaRelief Massage Gun- 32 Levels of Intense Muscle Relief

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situofun Massage Gun 32 Levels Deep Tissue Neck Body Back Muscle Sport Electric Pistol Massager Exercise Relaxation Pain Relief Introducing the Situofun Professional Fascia Gun, designed to meet your massage needs with its powerful motor, multi-gear regulation, and intelligent chip. With its small size and powerful function, you can enjoy a 3200 RPM surging power and a long endurance with its mute noise reduction and low noise mute technology. This massage gun has a 10mm amplitude, allowing you to target deep muscle groups. Its ergonomic design is inspired by sports cars, with a streamlined appearance. With 32 speed intelligent adjustments, you can improve post-exercise stiffness, effectively mitigate muscle fatigue and soreness. The Situofun Massage Gun has a long-life Type-C interface for easy charging and carrying. Its strong power shock can help reduce soreness, with a stable power for more efficient massage. Enjoy a master massage and beating with its small body, big energy. This massage gun also features a 45db whisper, with a specially customized powerful motor, allowing you to enjoy relaxation. It also has four professional massage heads, allowing you to take care of every muscle group. With its press function, you can activate tired muscles whenever you want. "

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